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Boost Connectivity with Floating IPs: Reliable, Scalable, and Flexible Solutions for Your Digital Needs

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Key Features of Floating IPs

Discover the Powerful Capabilities of Floating IPs

High Availability

Ensure continuous availability by associating a Floating IP with your instances. Easily move the IP to another instance in case of failure, minimizing downtime.

Seamless Failover

Enable automatic failover by reallocating Floating IPs to standby instances during unexpected disruptions, ensuring your services remain accessible.

Easy Reassignment

Quickly reassign Floating IPs between different instances or services without changing the IP address, providing flexibility for maintenance and scaling.

Scalable Architecture

Support scalable architectures by allowing multiple instances to share the same Floating IP, enabling efficient load balancing and resource distribution.

Simplified Network Management

Streamline your network management by decoupling IP addresses from physical hardware, making it easier to manage and scale your infrastructure.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery

Improve disaster recovery plans with the ability to quickly redirect traffic to backup instances using Floating IPs, ensuring business continuity.

Global Accessibility

Provide global access to your services by assigning Floating IPs that can be routed from anywhere, enhancing the reach and performance of your applications.

Dynamic IP Allocation

Dynamically allocate and deallocate Floating IPs as needed, offering flexibility and control over your IP address resources.

Customizable IP Allocation

Customize your Floating IP allocation policies to meet specific network design and operational requirements, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Floating IP use cases

Explore How Floating IPs Enhance Reliability, Performance, and Flexibility for Your Cloud Infrastructure

High Availability


Load Balancing


Disaster Recovery


Migration and Maintenance




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