Maximise product Efficiency with Load Balancers

Enhance your infrastructure's availability, security, and performance with just a few clicks, scaling your applications effortlessly.

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Easy management and deployment

Instantly deploy cloud load balancers via our portal or automate with our API.
$ 10.00/Month
Load Balancer

Effortlessly scale your application

Expand your application's capacity to meet growing demands without hassle or downtime.

Ensuring high availability

Boost infrastructure resilience with our one-click load balancers. Includes health monitoring and automatic failover.

Secured load balancer

Load Balancers simplify traffic security with SSL configuration options, enabling you to use your own SSL certificates for secure traffic across your load balancer and application.

Elevate scalability

Load Balancers undergo continuous monitoring for availability and anomalies. Any identified issues are automatically rectified to ensure uninterrupted performance of your application

Simple to set up

Provisions in seconds and is easily managed through the Control Panel or API.

Proxy Protocol support

Automatically pass a client's IP address and port through to your Droplets.

Powerful API

Our flexible API makes it easy to fully automate deployment and management of all your load balancer clusters. You can also visit our GitHub Portal for a suite of API tools and SDKs.

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