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Pay only for the data you store or transfer out of your buckets.
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Scalable and resilient architecture

Object storage dynamically adjusts to demand, offering robust data reliability while simplifying management overhead.

Dynamic Scalability

Automatically scale your storage capacity to meet your business needs. Our volume storage adjusts dynamically to demand, ensuring you have the space you need without manual intervention.

High Data Reliability

Enjoy robust data reliability with our resilient architecture. Our storage solution ensures that your data is always available and protected against failures, providing peace of mind for your critical applications.

Simplified Management

Reduce management overhead with our easy-to-use interface and automated features. Our volume storage platform simplifies the process of managing your storage, so you can focus on your core business operations.

Easily attach to your instance

Mount Block Storage to your virtual machines, so you can scale storage independently of compute. Use volumes just like physical disks, for file systems, databases, logs, backups, and more.
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